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Changing tables



Our changing tables feature a padded top, and the side rails can also be padded to provide greater comfort.

Quick height adjustment of the changing table is allowed by means of high-performance electric actuator.  The  minimum height of 44 cm certainly make easier the transfer of the person even from the wheelchair. The simple and immediate adjustment is essential in relation to the dressing and hygiene  procedures to be performed avoiding possible postural and back problems to the relative or care giver.

Destination use is for all public or private assistance and care facilities, institutions for children with disabilities, as well as for home use. We have a main model of undressing table for adults, one for children, and then options and accessories configuration.

The frame

The frame is very sturdy, in steel with epoxy powders coating, and the safe working load is up to 250 kg. It enables easy access with mobile lifters, and the space under the base can also be increased up to 165 mm with raising feet. The frame is on wheels, very maneuverable and equipped with a centralized locking system.

The height adjustment

The lifting geometry of the scissor frame avoids lateral displacements of the padded support surface, and this can be useful in limited spaces. This adjustment is possible by hand control or foot switch. The changing table can reach the minimum height of 44 cm from the floor and then can vary of 70 cm up.

The padded top

The top is in high density foam with a standard thickness of 50 mm, upholstery finishing with squared edges to make softer and fire-resistant similar leather covering subject to anti-bacterial treatment. The upholstery color can be chosen among 24 options.

The side rails

The side rails are easily foldable and made of stainless steel. In addition a locking system can be applied to as an option at the factory. It is also possible to apply paddings to the side rails which are another accessory.

We are confident that together with you, our partners, we can compile an important and comprehensive portfolio of high-quality and functional devices, in order for you to be able to respond to your market’s most urgent needs in a prompt and effective way. 

As always, we remain fully at your disposal to explore various solutions with you. We will be happy to receive your proposals and ideas for any promotion and marketing activities you would like to carry out at this point in time.

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