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We are pleased to invite you for the next edition of EXPOSANITÀ fair in Bologna, Italy, which will be held from 11 to 13 May 2022 .

In the training room adjacent to the Chinesport stand there will be morning and afternoon sessions of the course:


Practical theoretical workshop for all professionals interested in Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Posture. It will be shown the functioning of rehabilitative, postural and diagnostic equipment.

Global posture is a good indicator of general musculoskeletal health. Prevalence and incidence of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, and in particular low back pain, is rapidly rising on a global scale. The tightness or spasm Quadratus Lumborum muscle is a common cause for non-specific low back pain and is also closely connected to postural deviations and faulty movement patterns. Having a more complete, holistic and encompassing view of postural deviations will give the clinician more information to put into the clinical reasoning process. A more efficient and effective treatment plan with long-term results is usually the result. We propose Global Posture Systems Therapeutic Pathways as possible solution to more effectively and efficiently treat musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

It’s demonstrated the effectiveness of a global approach modality that involves the patient as well as the specialist in some therapeutic pathways using several equipment also in combination, and with core and constant attention as well to improving the patient posture by means of our GPS lab.

The Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer (CRET) through our Tcare device in combination with postural exercises and treatments on the Mi.To. table and associated as well to a specific program of exercises for pulley therapy, suspensions, proprioception is the proposal that is having a growing international interest and reason of events, meetings with specialists and in support to international partners. Therefore our partners and customers can find new modules and solutions in in promoting successfully our products for diagnosis, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


Mr. Stef Harley - Physiotherapist, Postural Analysis System Master Trainer
Mr. Giacomo Verona - Biongineer and Prodct Specialist


  • Global posture systems assessment and analysis
  • Muscle release and lengthening techniques using the Mi.To./Sinthesi therapeutic couches
  • Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer for cellular regeneration and pain modulation
  • Suspension and, sling and pulley therapy to restore normalmuscle function and joint mobility
  • Integrative proprioceptive exercises to improve normal dailyactivities and prevent future injury

It will be shown the functioning of rehabilitative, postural and diagnostic equipment.

Each course will last for three hours, there will be two daily sessions during the Bologna Exposanità Fair at the pad. 22 Stand A6.
Attendance certificates will be issued, along with educational materials and theme posters.

Limited number of participants, mandatory registration by mail at:

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