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During Arab Health Chinesport will be showcasing its latest global posture assessment platform, the GPS800 Postural Lab. It features a completely new design that benefits the patient experience and increases reliability and repeatability of global posture measurements. Its brand new software offers several modes of use and offers automated postural fault detection. 

Our GPS Postural Labs are an integral part of the popular GPS Pathways for Rehabilitation concept. This combination of Chinesport’s top-of-the-line therapeutic solutions offers therapists a myriad of options to treat musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in a more effective and efficient way, while seeking long term results. Within this concept a thorough global posture assessment and analysis stands central and complements conventional therapeutic assessment. This assists the therapist to optimally combine our four GPS Pathways for Rehabilitation to administer cellular regeneration and pain modulation therapy using CRET technology, prescribe targeted therapeutic exercises with pulley and suspension therapy, myofascial release and stretching and finally, integrative exercises for a safe and effective return to all day living activities. Consequently, it is an ideal solution for treating all types scoliosis among many other conditions with great results.

Our rehabilitation expert and master trainer Stef Harley will be available for you to present and demonstrate our latest developments in our GPS Pathways for Rehabilitation. He will be available to demonstrate the newest features of the GPS800 Postural Lab, our TCare CRET technology and our unique Mi.To Therapeutic Table for myofascial release and spine mobilisation.

If you wish to schedule a meeting with the staff or a demonstration session with the expert, please send us a proposal by email with the most convenient date and time.

We will reply as soon as possible in order to better organize our meeting. You can also mention any topics that interest you the most during the meeting. Write to 

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